Corrections & Clarifications

Finding Blake draws on a wide range of sources — including the not-always-reliable web! Fortunately, we also have a growing audience of Blake scholars, creatives and afficionados, who can point out the errors or ambiguities we might import or even create for ourselves. Here, we will list the main Finding Blake corrections and clarifications as we become aware of them. 

  • On 3rd September, we published Kevin Fischer’s Imagination, Experience and the Limitations of Reason. In the third paragraph, we wrongly paraphrased Kevin’s original text as saying “The right hemisphere, McGilchrist goes on, “deals with what it [already] knows … This process eventually becomes so automatic that we do not so much experience the world as experience our representation of the world … a virtual world, a copy.” Ultimately, the mind can become “disconnected from everything that is outside it.” This should have said “The right hemisphere, McGilchrist goes on …” Apologies to Kevin – and thanks to Eric Nicholson for reporting our hemispheric error!
  • On 20th August, we published Roger Arias’ post on his Strange Mystery Flower EP and included this reference in the Notes (now deleted): “There is a short article about Strange Mystery Flower in the context of other adaptations of William Blake’s on the excellent BrainPickings site; the article describes the EP as ‘quietly magical in its totality’.” Our apologies to Roger, who himself quickly pointed out that this article was about a different band, The Wraiths, and their very different (but interesting) adaptation of Blake’s poem Song first by a shepherd. Not sure how we got that wrong — but do check out the link anyway! Thanks to Roger for putting us right.
  • On 1st May, Finding Blake’s official launch day, one observant reader emailed: “Nice site. There is an erratum at the very beginning. Blake was not 20 years old when he wrote the letter to John Trusler. It was 1799 and he was 41.” We’ve corrected this on our homepage and in the reference to a piece on A letter from the young William Blake in defence of imagination in the Blakean Articles page in our section, A Blakean Archive. 
  • Just ahead of launch day, on 30th April, @BlakeArchive tweeted: “A lovely website and project! Might we ask that you update your description of the Blake Archive? The Archive does contain current and back issues of @BlakeQuarterly, but also — and primarily — many digital editions of Blake’s original works. Homepage at” We’re happy to clarify this with an updated entry in our More Resources section.


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