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This page gives information on new activities about William Blake. If you know of events, forthcoming books, films or media coverage, or other activities in the coming months that we should feature here, please do let us know through the Contact page.

NB: Events are listed here as we become aware of them (the most recent discoveries at the top), not in their date order. Once an event has occurred, we place it in A Blakean Archive. If you went to one of these events, why not use our Contact page to offer us a Finding Blake post about it? 

Glastonbury William Blake Festival
12th-14th August, Glastonbury

"This is Blake in Avalon. We will gather again to celebrate the artist and visionary William Blake. To read his poetry together at the Market Cross, to sing his words at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, to listen to original, inspired works at Glastonbury Abbey, and to again evoke that unfathomable spirit which descends on our town when it is called."

The festival includes a special screening of our 'Finding Blake' film: Sunday 14th, upstairs in the haunted ballroom above the 15th-century George & Pilgrim Inn, 1 High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DP. 7pm start (donations welcome on the door to help with the room costs).



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