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This page gives information on new activities about William Blake. If you know of events, forthcoming books, films or media coverage, or other activities in the coming months that we should feature here, please do let us know through the Contact page.

NB: Events are listed here as we become aware of them (the most recent discoveries at the top), not in their date order. Once an event has occurred, we place it in A Blakean Archive. If you went to one of these events, why not use our Contact page to offer us a Finding Blake post about it? 

Finding Blake at Exploring the Divided Brain 2021

Filmmaker and Finding Blake founder James Murray-White will be presenting a screening of Finding Blake, the film, at this year's festival of talks and events from Iain McGilchrist. Over the four days, in addition to Iain’s 14 talks, there are sessions where there are a variety of things to choose from -- designed to give guests the chance to assimilate the content of Iain’s talks and/or explore possible implications. Finding Blake will be screened with James and Iain in attendance on Sunday 3rd October.
William Blake for Innocents: An Introduction

Finding Blake contributor Adriana Diaz Enciso leads a series of four sessions at Swenbourg House in London, offering an introductory panorama of William Blake’s poetic works, emphasizing their visionary character and the indissoluble bond between his poetry and his visual art. The series focuses on Blake’s concept of imagination as the highest human faculty, which reflects divinity within us, expressed through artistic and poetic creation. 

Children of Imagination (23 September): A biographic introduction to William Blake, his view of imagination, and Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.

Prophecy as Revolution (30 September): Introduction to The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. How Blake questions Emanuel Swedenborg, who had been a key influence in his own work.

How Visions are Peopled (7 October): Prophecy, Imagination and the Poetic Genius in Blake’s work. Introduction to his illustrated books. An account of Blake’s stay in Felpham and the birth of Milton.

Finding Jerusalem (14 October): Blake’s return to London and the creation of Jerusalem. The Emanation of the Giant Albion. Blake’s legacy.