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This page gives information on new activities about William Blake. If you know of events, forthcoming books, films or media coverage, or other activities in the coming months that we should feature here, please do let us know through the Contact page.

NB: Events are listed here as we become aware of them (the most recent discoveries at the top), not in their date order. Once an event has occurred, we place it in A Blakean Archive. If you went to one of these events, why not use our Contact page to offer us a Finding Blake post about it? 

The Bard - William Blake at Flat Time House: 29th January - 8th March

This new William Blake exhibition THE BARD in Peckham curated by Chris McCabe of The Poetry Library. Contributions from Keith Jarrett, Chris McCabe, Niall McDevitt, Robert Montgomery, Karen Sandhu, Iain Sinclair and Tamar Yoseloff. 

The exhibition will feature recitals, guided walks and performances:

Wednesday 29th January - Opening 6–8.30pm with a reading from William Blake's Jerusalem by poet Chris McCabe.

Wednesday 19 February - Poets in Response to Blake: Chris McCabe, Niall McDevitt, Karen Sandhu and Iain Sinclair

Wednesday 26 February - Poets in Response to Blake: Keith Jarrett, Chris McCabe, Robert Montgomery and Tamar Yoseloff

Sunday 23 February - William Blake Walk of Peckham: with Chris McCabe and Niall McDevitt

Original William Blake artworks will be shown in the intimate setting of Flat Time House -- a contemporary art gallery in what was once the home of the British postwar conceptual artist John Latham. On display are Blake's Gray Prints - beguiling, long obscure artworks made to illustrate Thomas Gray's 18th-century poem The Bard. This exhibition gives a unique opportunity to view Blake’s work in the domestic environment of Latham’s home – the ‘living sculpture’ of Flat Time House and embodiment of Latham’s worldview. The show is also an opportunity to bring Blake back to Peckham, at a site close to the Rye where, as a young boy, he had his vision of "a tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars.”
Radical Christianity in an Age of Revolution: The Prophetic Visions of William Blake and Mary Wollstonecraft -- 30th January (6.30pm), Vicars’ Hall, Chichester Cathedral

Albion Rose by William Blake (1793-6)Chichester Cathedral is hosting a series of free spring lectures for 2020. Entitled God and Great Britain, Exploring Religious Thought in National Crisis, from the Civil War to Brexit, the discussions are led by a variety of speakers. In this event, Canon Dr Dan Inman, Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral, explories how religious thinkers responded to the social upheaval of the Industrial Revolution in Britain and how this might inform our response to the digital revolution.