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This page gives information on new activities about William Blake. If you know of events, forthcoming books, films or media coverage, or other activities in the coming months that we should feature here, please do let us know through the Contact page.

NB: Events are listed here as we become aware of them (the most recent discoveries at the top), not in their date order. Once an event has occurred, we place it in A Blakean Archive. If you went to one of these events, why not use our Contact page to offer us a Finding Blake post about it? 

Blakestock 2019 15th - 17th August 2019, Glastonbury 

Glastonbury evokes the Spirit of Britain’s Great Artist, Poet and Avatar in an illuminating three days of word, picture and song. An Open-Hearted Community Celebration for All, whether you are new to the work of William Blake or a long-standing admirer. Top speakers share their wisdom about the great artist and wordsmith, and a fantastic line up of brilliant Glastonbury musicians and performers, along with wonderful guests from London and Europe - including Roger Arias, whose Strange Mystery Flower featured in his Finding Blake post.